How To Fix “Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has Stopped” Error Permanently.

Fix ‘Unfortunately, Google play services has been stopped’ Error from Android Permanently

Hello Readers, welcome back to Allinone tricks. today we are going to share an awesome Trick to solve ‘Unfortunately, Google play services has been stopped’ error from android permanently. Nowadays in most of android versions this error irritating most of you, but from today after reading this article you will never get this error on your android phone. i hope you have already searched on google to find the solution of this error but you didn’t got any perfect solution but now you don’t worry to search on google or anywhere else because here in this article i am going to share 5 Methods To Solve ‘Google play services has Stopped’ error from Android Permanently.

Guys as you all know Google play services is the biggest network for Android games, ebooks, apps and much more. Google play store comes inbuilt in every android version. Google play service error mostly occur when we try to make some changes in our Google account settings. But don’t worry now here are the all possible 5 Methods to solve this error permanently from your android phone.

5 Methods To Fix ‘Google play Services has Been stopped’ Error Permanently

Many of you try to update your android phone to get new look of your android phone. but this is also main reason to get this error ‘unfortunately, google play services has stopped’. so if you have also updated your phone and getting this error then try these below methods to solve this error permanently from your android phone.

5 Method To Solve ‘Unfortunately, Google play services has been stopped’ Error Permanently

Google Play services is not an apk. background service and API package for Android-based devices. The Android OS uses the google play services to update Google apps, eBook and apps from google play store.Google Play services is used to update Google apps and apps from Google Play. This component provides core functionality like authentication to your Google services, synchronized contacts, access to all the latest user privacy settings, and higher quality, lower-powered location based services for android OS users.

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# Solution 1 – Re-install Latest Google Play Service Version

one of the major problem of getting this error on your android phone is that you haven’t updated Google play store on your android phone so firstly Download Latest version of Google Play From below URL or you can also try below steps. 

Latest Google Play version

  • Go To Settings >> Security >> Device Administrator >> and Deactivate Android Device Manager
  • Go To Settings >>  Application Manager or Apps >> All >> Google play Services >> and then click on Uninstall Updates.
Uninstall Google play services updates

Uninstall Google play services updates

  • Now, if you use any app that requires latest Google play services version then it will immediately re-installed on your android phone.
  • Now Again Go To settings >> Security >> Device Administrator >> and Activate Android manager.

Steps to Fix Google Play services error

  • Now, Simply Reboot/Restart Your Device

# Solution 2- Clear Google Play Services Cache & Updates

Even after Updating Google Play Services, you are getting this error then dodn’t worry try this method to solve ;Unfortunately google play Services has been stopped’ error from Android. i am sure to say that this will surely work on your device. i have personally tested this method in my android phone & it is fully working.

  • First Of All Go To Setting >> Apps.
  • Then, Find Google Play services in the list and click on it
  • Now Click on Force Stop Button and scroll down and click on Clear Cache & Clear All Data.

Clear Cache and Data of Google play services

  • Done….. you can now Reboot your device for the better result.

Solution 3 – Clear Google Play Services Framework Cache

I Hope All above methods will work for you,  But in some Android version like Your’s if above method will not work then other methods are available which i am going to share with you to solve ‘ Google Play services has been stopped’ Error From android Permanently. and this method will definitely work for you.

  • Firstly Go To Settings >> Apps/Application manager >> click on all >> and search for Google Play services Framework and click on it.
  • Now Tap on Force Stop and Clear Cache. 

Clear cache & Data of Google Play services framework

  • Now Reboot you Device. voila………… After Restarting you problem has been solved permanently. now you will never see this type of Error in your Phone.

# Solution 4- Remove & Re-add Google Account

This is also one of the easiest solution to solve Google play services error from any android version. it is a very easy method, you only have to do is Remove your Google account and Again add in your Android phone. so let’s go for the steps-

  • First of All Go To Settings >> Accounts. 

Remove and Re-add Google accounts

  • Now you will see all accounts list, Now Click on Google Account and simply Remove your Google Account from Your phone

  • Now Restart Your Phone and Again Add Your google Account in your Phone.

Done… Now you will never see any Google Play service related error in your Phone.

# Solution 5- Reset App Preferences

I Hope you already know about how to reset app preference, But if you Don’t Know then simply follow below steps. by this is also one of the best method to Solve Google Play services error from Android. let’s follow the steps.

  • First of All Go to settings >> Apps.
  • Now Tap on Menu button of your android phone (Menu button = Your phone’s button except home and Back button i.e. by using which you can see your device recent history)
  • Now Click on Reset App Preferences.

Reset App preference to fix ‘google Play services has been stopped’ error

  • Done… Now restart your Device. & and your problem has been solver permanently.

So Readers these are some working methods to Solve ‘Google play services’ error from your android phone. these methods are perfectly working without any problem. some of these methods are personally tested by me in my phone. So Don’t avoid any method from above try every method until error will be solved.

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Final Words 

                           So Guys this is our today’s article on “How to Fix ‘unfortunately, google play services has been stopped’ error from android. there are many alternative methods available on google provided by many other websites but these are No More working for new android OS. But these methods which i have shared with you are fully working without any doubt. so before trying any other method at least try any of the above method Once and if any of the above method will not working for you then freely comment below.

I hope you have learned something new today from this Article. Don’t forget to sgare with your friends and help them and Keep Visiting for More Tips and Tricks


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