How To Set A Low Battery Alert Notification Ringtone In Android Device

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Hello friends,Hope you all guys are enjoying our regularly tips and tricks.Today we are back with a completely latest trick. Today here you will be seeing How to set low battery notification in android phone.  Today I am going to share step by step process to set low notification ringtone in your phone.

I want to ask everyone reading does your phone gets switched off without your knowledge due to low battery. Of course, every phone user gets this problem. If any app is running in our phone, we loose the data in it. We have to charge and turn it on and do all things again. This becomes a big problem when we are doing some important work, leave our phone for some time and it gets switched off. These days new phones come with a feature in which as soon as battery goes low, a light start to sparkle, even then we can’t take care when the light glows. So we all think, what is the solution for this? I know this questions appears in minds of all when such thing happens with them But now you don’t need to worry any more for this problem. Today I am going to share the best solution of this problem.

Set Low Battery Alert Ringtone
Imagine how it would be if you get a notification ring whenever your phone’s battery becomes low. So whenever your phone’s battery become low, your android phone can inform you by ring, so you can save your phone from being turned off by charging it on the right time. So what do you think? Isn’t it a great idea. Yes, of course it is.
Now you all want to know the steps to set low battery notification on your phone. Don’t worry, today I will be describing here the step by step tutorial to set low battery notification ringtone.

This is one of the worst situation for any android user. When we are at home, we forget to charge our phone and it gets turned off, this thing hearts a lot????. The solution to this is simple, set a ringtone to notify you whenever your phone’s battery is draining out.
So the question arising in your mind is how to set low battery notification ringtone?  So I am going to share the step by step tutorial. Now I will not make you wait more for the tutorial, lets start.

Steps to set low battery notification in your phone:-

So friends, now not wasting anymore time, I am going to start the tutorial. The only thing you need to do is use an app which will notify you when your phone’s battery get low. 
So Follow These Steps Below-
Battery Notifier

1). First of all the first thing, you need to do is go to Play store and install an app named Battery Notifier BT free on your android phone. {Click Here}


2). After installing the app, open it and click on Settings  option.It Will Take It Go Inside The App.

3). It will show you a list, click on Low Battery Charge Options  option.You Can Also Set A Alert Notification For Full Battery Charge Option.

4).Now set Low Battery Level, Repeat Interval, Sound Mode, Vibration Mode and Notification Ringtone  as you want.

Now, its all done. You have successfully set low battery notification ringtone. Now your phone will notify you by ring whenever battery level reaches below the Low Battery Level  set by you and you can save your phone by charging it on right time from being switched off unfortunately.

Final Words:-
                                 So Friend This Is Our Method To Set A Low Battery Ringtone Notification Alert. i Hope you Enjoyed this tricks Without any Query. It Is Really working and very easy, you can use it In Any Way. Guys i Have Also tried this and this is 100% Working in Every Android Device without any problem. This Is The Best App To Set Low Battery Alert Notification In Your Android Device.We Have Already Shared So Many Offers And Tricks For our Readers And I Hope You Enjoyed All, So Guys Keep Enjoying And Keep Connected With Allinone Tricks. Share your experience via comments below. If you still have any problem, feel free to comment. Stay tuned and updated with us. 

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